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Sep. 9th, 2013


Saturday January 7, 2006 – Early before school, At his home

Sai was glad he had come down quite a bit from the night before, he had class in a few hours but there was no way he was going to be allowed to skip. His dad was home after all if anything he would ditch out halfway if he couldn’t take it. Still Sai could not believe he was now a member of Lucifer’s Reckoning. He was finally recognized for all of his hard work and well on his way. Sai felt this was his path and he could finally settle down, he had spent all of his life jumping from one clique to the next never feeling like he truly fit in but with Shige it was different.

Not only did Sai feel like this was his place to belong he felt he still had a long way to go. That night he watched as Sanjo Rei stood by Shige’s side and he hoped that one day it would be him. It was enough of the childish games and time to step up his act. After class Sai was going to meet up with a few of the gang members and not only learn the basis of selling product but he was going to be refined on his fighting skills and slowly work his way up the ladder.

Hearing his dad yelling for his kids to hurry up Sai dressed for the day and grabbed his skateboard ready to head off for the day. He felt out of it from the drugs and a little anxious but with sunglasses and beanie on his dad did not question him. Still the effects put him in a sour mood and Sai wished he wouldn’t have to deal with the bull crap today.

Jul. 21st, 2013

vivid perception

Thursday December 22, 2005 – 4:16 pm, On the streets

Sai often wondered if he was as crazy as his mother had been.  Here he was being lectured by his father after he found him wondering the not so safe streets of Tokyo after curfew.  That was the price Sai had to pay for having a cop for a father he was bound to get caught in places he shouldn’t be.  If only he knew the true trouble his son was involved in.  A snitch working for the drug lord Sakurai he combed the streets listening for words of treason to report on.  It was hard work but it paid off he made a lot of money from his new boss and the new designer shoes he purchased for Sachiko to give her on Christmas was worth it.

“I am sorry it won’t happen again, I promise.” Sai spewed out and rolled his eyes at his father’s lecturing.  He grew tired of the same games but he was getting used to it by now.  The disappointed look his father gave him showed Sai that he was used to it as well.

“I just want you to stay safe.” Takashi said for the millionth time it seemed.  “I have to get back to the station just promise me you will stay in for the rest of the night.”

“Fine, I will be a good child I promise.”  Sai went back to his room and waited as his dad left.  After he had disappeared down the street Sai was back out the door and running in the opposite direction with a big grin on his face.  “I would stay in and be a good boy but where is the fun in that.”

Besides it was a special day and Sai had something big that he had to make sure made its way to Sakurai.  It was his duty to give his employer a gift for Christmas right, even if it was a bit early.

Mar. 20th, 2009

vivid perception

Thursday December 15, 2005 - 7:43 pm, On the streets

If one was to think Sai was street smart they were sadly mistaken.  Sure he fared well in the matter of handling himself but he didn't have the years of experience that the Nakamura's and Sakurai showed.  The best he could do was pick up a stranger, and pick a few pockets.
His lack of knowledge he made up with creativity.  If he didn't know it than he just stole that information as well.  He observed others from the street watching and learning.  He figured out who worked for who, which ones where on their side and those that were not.  He picked up that many of the drug peddlers were jealous of Sakurai, with reason too for being so young and have so much skill.
He also had names of those that disagreed and talked badly of his boss.  Sai liked working for Sakurai and enjoyed handing in the names of those that needed to be taken care off.  As he crouched down by the wall in sort of a beggars stance many didn't give him a second glance.  Little did they know he was listening in on a group of thugs that thought they were better then Nakamura and Sakurai combined.
The thought alone amused Sai as he put his hands into the pocket of his old trench coat.  The group had the gall to even boast about possibly jumping Sakurai as the rumor had spread of one of Lucifer's Reckoning's top dog had fell under the hands of another.  It was funny how the rumor forgot to mention what Sakurai had done to the punk in retaliation.  They would learn soon enough with the King came after them as well.
Sai looked up in surprise as someone dropped a few yen to the ground.  Apparently taking his stance for real, he was just about to leave having heard enough but this could really benefit for him.  After all he still had to buy Sachiko a Christmas gift.

Jan. 28th, 2009

vivid perception

Wednesday December 7, 2005 - Before Homeroom, In the classroom

[Middle school students - Sai, Sachiko, Aizen, Toshinori]
A group of boys followed Sai into the room, class wasn't going to begin for at least another ten minutes but it gave them plenty of time to play.  They had just managed to drag Oki's desk down the hall and hide it in a janitor closet, a bit juvenal but fun none the less.  Before taking their seats a few of the boys stuck an eraser in the door, leaving it to fall on the next unfortunate soul to enter. 
Sai just smirked as he causally slumped into his desk. It was hard to believe that they would be in high school next year with the amount of immaturity each one carried.  A group of girls nearby just eyed them in disgust.  "Really, you guys need to grew up." said one of the braver ones, while they continued to study with each other before the tests began.
Sai just shrugged and adjusted the old coat he wore over his uniform, glancing at the empty spot in the room where a desk once stood.  Oki deserved it, he was a repulsive freak. Sai then grew tired of the other boys and brushed them off.  He pulled out his phone and messed around with the keypad a bit looking at his text messages, he hesitated by one addressed to  'Bishop' but didn't open it.  Instead he slipped the phone back into his pocket. 
He would deal with that later, before lunch that was.  Sai knew that he wasn't doing the best he could as a spy, he needed to get something really good on the twins for Sakurai before the other got annoyed with him.  If only he could get to Kazuo, have the other boy trust him some more then quite possibly he could get a secret so dark it had always been kept inside the silent disturbed boy.   Before he could ponder more on Kazuo's odd demeanor the door opened and Sai smiled as he turned to see who got a head full of chalk powder. His worry's eased away from his mind once more.
((OOC- I had Toshi's permission to abuse his desk.))

Jul. 5th, 2008

vivid perception

My Survey

Apr. 18th, 2008

vivid perception

Monday November 21, 2005 - After school, Leaving the grounds

Sai popped his gum in annoyance a few times as he watched the crowd. After lunch at the high school he always had to go back to the middle school for classes, it sucked very much. At the moment the Headmaster was holding an assembly before clean up after canceling clubs just for this. It was an assembly about behavior and it wasn't going to well as the man in charge had spent that past 15 minutes explaining how to behave at an assembly since no one could follow up on that. Seemed like a hopeless cause as the students continued to talk and a few fight with each other.

It wasn't a unknown fact that many of the students will go to Gakuin when they graduated as it would be the only school to accept them. Attending its middle school guaranteed admission regardless of your reputation. Sai decided to stop paying attention as he quickly lost interest in it all he instead pulled his cell and began to flip through his messages. He had a few from his buddies, Satoshi, Kachiro, and Katsuo but most were dumb pointless ones. He would respond to the later at the moment they were preoccupied at trying to give each other wedgies or something.

Sai then remebered something from lunch a fact that his new boss would probably want to know about his old. Sai wasn't a rat he just found this fun. He then proceeded to test Shige with his new info.

'Lucifer FYA ; Big bird h@s new G/F Yumeki Sumara, h0t, check out TMOT1. Sry g2g now TTYS n Babylon - Bishop'

Sai sent the message before closing his phone lid and taking his gum out of his mouth to stick it under the bench. Once he finished he headed over towards his moron friends to ditch this, school should be out so why should he stay. Outside he was dissappointed after finding out the left without him but went off on his own anyway.

((OOC - Yes the kids of from PoT, figure that one out you should know if your an anime fanatic.
Note Translation:
Shige (don't understand think of his gang's name) For your amusement; Big bird (his way of saying the older Nakamaru; Kazuya) has a new girlfriend Yumeki Sumara, she is hot, check her out trust me on this one. Sorry got to go now but talk to you soon in 'Shige's hideout'. - Bishop (his way of signing his name for Shige to know his identity but no one else should the message get intercepted; based on the chess piece manly because in france its called the 'fou' or the foul a suiting name for Sai) ))

Jul. 26th, 2007

vivid perception

Saturday November 19, 2005 - 11:22 am, During the Festival

Sai walked away from the cotton candy booth letting the sweet substance melt in his mouth. The middle school students pretty much were all here at Gakuin's Festival and his friends ran off to hit on some hot older girl. He really didn't want to look for his boss and train some more so he could join the most powerful group at the school. He would be set before he was even there, but he was bored. He wanted more Kazuya was too soft in his opinion there were some things he wouldn't do. Sai was watching someone else though, Shige Sakurai, now that kid was powerful. Sai had been watching him from afar and he knew it was Kazuya's goal to defeat the other and it gave Sai a itch he couldn't wait to scratch. All he had to do was find Shige and make him notice him.

Aug. 18th, 2006

vivid perception

Wednesday November 2, 2005 - Before School, at home

Sai sat up in his bed and stretched with a big yawn. It was quiet in the house and he knew his dad would already be at work. Their apartment wasn't that big and only had two bedrooms so their father slept on the couch giving the two rooms to his children. Sai and Sachiko used to share a room but at a certain age his father thought it was inappropriate so he split them up. Sachiko of course got the bigger room but he didn't mind. Sai got up and grabbed his clothes to head for the shower. He washed up quickly and pulled on his school uniform. Knowing he should wake up his sister so she could get ready for school also. He usually got up first and made breakfast while she got ready it was their routine. Going across the living room Sai went to the bedroom door.

He pushed the door open knowing it would be unlocked and didn't bother turning a light on. He crept over towards her bed and looked down at her sleeping form. Now to wake her up, Sai smiled at the idea he had and he gently pulled her blanket down so she was uncovered from her waist up. Reaching his hand down he put it under her shirt and moved his hand up to grope her breast. Leaning down he whispered in her ear. "Time to get up oneechan."

((OOC: This was all approved by both Sachiko and the Mod sorry if twincest offends anyone but its been talked out with the Mod and it was agreed too.))

Jun. 27th, 2006

vivid perception

Friday October 28, 2005 - 3rd Period, PE

((At the middle school))

Sai stood outside with the other boys in his PE class. His eyes were trained on the bigger building nearby. Gakuin High school stood in all its glory. In just a year Sai would be a student there, he was confident he would be accepted. It might not be the best school in Tokyo but it seemed to be the only place he wanted to go. One of the other boys and Sai's friend ran up to him. "Sai are you day dreaming again?" he asked.

"Not really just trying to sleep with my eyes open Tatsuya." Sai continued to stare at the building and Tatsuya followed his gaze. "Oh yeah your supposed to start going there for therapy aren't you?" he asked amused. It was no secret that Sai and his sister was going to attend the high school for a few hours to meet with a psychiatrist. Sai explained it to all of his friends he wasn't embarrassed or anything by the whole situation his dad thought it was something they needed. In fact the psychiatrist in question was one he had been seeing for awhile its just that he started teaching at Gakuin the beginning of its second term. Now that he had settled in they thought it would be easier to have session during the day rather then waiting till after school.

"Aren't you scared?" Tatsuya suddenly asked. "I mean the Nakamura twins are there." Sai perked up. "Twins?" he asked. It was rare for him to run into another pair of twins so this kind of excited him. "Yeah the twins I heard they are demons in humans skin. They have rules and everything and if you don't follow them they force you to jump off the roof and a whole bunch of evil things."

Sai knew the boy was exaggerating but the prospect of twins, and bad ass ones at that, had Sai excited. "I bet their not so evil when you kissing their ass." Sai responded. "I mean that's how all bully's are they want the attention. If they are so famous though then I wouldn't mind sucking up. They'd have to be awesome to get a reputation in the first place." Sai moved back to where class was getting ready to begin.

"I'll make sure I meet these twins when I can." He only wondered if they would be laid back and as cool looking as he was picturing them to be.

Jun. 22nd, 2006

vivid perception

My survey

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