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It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right.

I hope you had the time of your life.

Sai Katsumoto
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----This is a role playing journal for japanese_high for more information please visit japanese_high's info page for more rules on how to join. I also claimed Misaki Yata from K Project for my own using.----

Name- Sai Katsumoto
Age- 14
Sex- Male
Grade- 9th
Birthday- August 13

Sai is a pale boy, he weighs around 110 lbs. and is only 5'3" tall. He has spiky, brushed down chestnut hair. His bangs are generally pushed away from his face with just a few strands left hanging over his forehead. He has large hazel eyes that just like his hair color seem to match his twins perfectly.

After joining Lucifer’s Reckoning Sai felt he needed to look more like a badass so he ditched his ratty trench coat that was his trademark in favor of more of a street look. His attire usually consists of long sleeve V-neck shirts with either a dark pair of jeans or pair of shorts. He always ties his red hoodie around his waist and is rarely seen without a beanie over his head. Sai likes to wear a pair of headphones around his neck that usually are not plugged in but there to make a statement. Recently he has been seen to carry a skateboard with him and an aluminum bat.

Sai is a complicated boy to understand. Mainly because he himself doesn't know what the hell he wants and with many emotional issues that scared him from his past it conflicts him twice as much. A major attention seeker he finds a clique he likes and clings to them, but he tends to get bored easily with his friends and tends to talk about them behind their back with other cliques he hangs around. Extremely two faced at times he has a hard time deciding if he wants to be nice today or just an absolute dick.

His obsessive behavior of constantly jumping around to other people also seems to happen in his love life as well. He is in open bisexual willing to try anything at least once. Sai tends to be a kleptomaniac at times too. He has a hard time coping and get angry easily even if he will rarely show it. He will just smile and laugh it off as a joke. He won't forget it though and has little regard to your own personal feelings.

Recently he has joined the gang of Lucifer’s Reckoning and devolved a slight drug addiction. Sai doesn’t pickpocket as much as he used to and has resorted to violence and extortion to fund his needs as well as doing whatever his boss asks him to do. He hopes to progress from just a simple dealer to one of Shige’s, addictedbandit, top men and will do anything necessary to achieved this, he has become much more prone to violence since joining the gang.

Survey - For more go here (1) ; For more go here(2)

Good Traits
- Sai can be very friendly when he wants to be to his 'friends'.
- He always knows how to have a good time wherever he may be.
- If he really is intrigued by you he can help you get whatever it is you want...well depending what it is he's not a miracle worker.

Bad Traits
- Sai is and will always be two faced, regardless how much you like him and he likes you he might stab you in the back.
- A petty thief and always taking whatever it is he desires, has become more prone to violence.
- Can be a down right arrogant brat if things don't go his way, he won't publicly show it but he'll try and fix it.

- Sai likes to surround himself with 'friends' enjoys the pleasures of both sexes and what they can offer to him.
- Anyone with signs of psychotic problems like his own makes him feel more normal when he is near someone, and especially if they are upset.
- Being in everyone's business. What better way than to get some nice things to spread around.

-Psychiatrist or other people that try and analyze him or tell him what they think is wrong with him.
- Anyone that sits around and whines about how bad they have it.
- Being held tightly, bound or tied up an anyway; An Merinthophobic

Fighting Style
Sai’s fighting skills are newly being developed the gang he is a part of are teaching him to fight and honing his skills. He primarily uses his aluminum bat and has even used his skateboard while in the fight.

He doesn't fight fair usually throwing dirt in your face and if he is desperate he will pull out the long switchblade he keeps on him at all time. Carrying the switchblade also helps calm him with his phobia so if he is caught his dad will use this fact to get him off the hook.

Sai's past is one of the most confusing things about him. For years he didn't understand what everything meant but now that he is older and more mature he finally gets it. In a sense it angers and disgusts him Sai would love to believe he is normal, but him and his sister Sachiko are proof they aren't and never will be. It all started on August 13th. Only 13 minutes after his sister was born Sai took his first breath in this world

The moment they were born their parents were in the process of a divorce. Their mother got custody of them and Sai started his life living with her. After the stress of the labor and divorce their mother became ill. Not a physical ailment but one purely mental. She became delusional and over motherly to them. She had an extreme fear of the devil and demons, any sign that could be evil or from hell had her spooked. She started to suspect that only one of her children was evil, but she wasn't able to figure out which one. She had to treat them both like they were the evil one until it showed itself to her. Sai remembered being very sick in those years and his mother nursing him back, she was always by their sides. She kept him and Sachiko in the house at all times and didn't allow them to go to school. They didn't seem to ever get better and they never went to a doctor. All the time their mother told them about a demon child and the bad signs she got from them.

Now he understood his mother had been the one making them ill it was never real. She purposely poisoned her kids hoping to raise them back and get rid of any evil enmity in one of them supposedly possessed, the bad one which ever that was. It wasn't long before their father got suspicious and eventually found out the awful truth. Shortly after turning seven Sai's dad Takashi told their mother he was going to get them back and make sure she never saw them again.

The long battle for custody began again during this Takashi got temporally custody of the twins. As the days went by their mother begged Takashi for help, she loved her kids and didn't want to lose them. Takashi believed her claim of wanting to get better and allowed her to live with him and the twins. Weeks went by and she really did seem like she was getting better. She didn't talk about the demons anymore and she seemed like a normal lonely mother.

One night Takashi trusted her too much and left her alone with Sai and Sachiko. She wasn't better at all, if anything she seemed to finally crack. For in those weeks she had to sit back and watch as her kids sinned over and over again. She really feared the demon in one of her children was getting stronger and possible tainting the pure one. She had to get rid of them both to stop the sickness before it spread. On this night while Takashi only stepped out to get milk she put her plan into action. She tried to give her kids enough poison to kill them, planting it in their food but Takashi came home in time to catch her in the act.

A fight broke out as he wrestled her for the pills she was going to use on the twins, he screamed and called her horrible names. Sai stood behind his sister and watched from around the corner. When their dad made a run out of the room to get a phone their mother made off to the bedroom. The twins followed. Their mother managed to get to the cord hanging from a decorative ceiling board while their father had still been out, it seemed she planned to follow her kids in death after she killed them. She had a change of plans though and she climbed atop the bed. She slipped it around her neck with and evil smile she spoke on last time to them about the demons kids. She jumped off her bed, Sai watched his mother hang herself, he stood there confused and quiet just watching. Before his dad managed to get back and pull them from the room she was beyond savable.

Knowing the death of their mother had tragically affected his kids Takashi decided the twins would see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist was a family friend that thought psychology for a living. Their father refused to send them to a different shrink, fearing that they would send his kids to a psychiatric ward, a place they could hurt them even more in the long run. The psychiatrist they saw regularly works at Gakuin High. Even in Middle School, Sai has to go to the High School to see him often, some are even during the school hours. Sai enjoys it though, even though he hates psychiatrist and anyone that tries to analyze him he gets along well with this one as well did his sister.

Recently while visiting Gakuin High he meet Shige Sakurai and eventually joined the gang Lucifer’s Reckoning. During his initiation into the gang Sai gained a drug addiction and his volatile personality began to grow. He has become more violent acting like a thug and dealer more now than the thief he used to be.

Family Notes
Takashi Katsumoto - Dad, a poor cop that gets his kids out of scrapes

Sana Iida - Mother, was very sick now deceased, committed suicide

Sachiko Katsumoto - Sister, Sai's older twin sister - anonyme_love

Sai and his family live in an apartment in one of the more run down parts in town. It is nice compared to the one across the street from them mainly consisting of one room apartments. Their dad busts a lot of hookers here since he is one of the few cops to be in that area since they live there.

Sai is not old enough to work yet so he tries to mooch some money off of his psychiatrist he also gets a monthly check from his mother being deceased. He is also making good money off of dealing, begging on the streets, or even extorting if he is ever desperate.

Sai takes his skateboard everywhere with him, a custom one with a silver paintjob and his own tag marked on the bottom.

Dating Status
Single but he enjoys the company of both sexes even though he is young Sai is no virgin.

Love Life
Sai hasn't dated anyone yet.

Social Status
Sai is eager to make friends and even more eager to cause them problems. He keeps his grades up and seems to do okay in school. He likes to cause trouble for attention but tries to stay out of the spotlight so he won't have to handle the consequences, he just lays back and watches others suffer from his decisions.

Class Schedule
Mondays through Thursdays
Before Periods: Homeroom
1st Period: Japanese
2nd Period: English
3rd Period: PE
4th Period: Psychiatrist meeting at the High School (neighboring the Jr. High)
Midday: Lunch (at the High School)
5th Period: Social Studies
6th Period: Science
7th Period: Math
After Periods: Homeroom (roughly ten minutes long)
After Class Dismissal: Cleaning
After Janitorial duties: Sport

Before Periods: Homeroom
1st Period: Japanese
2nd Period: English
3rd Period: PE
4th Period: Psychiatrist meeting at the High School (neighboring the Jr. High)
Midday: Lunch (at the High School)
5th Period: Social Studies
6th Period: Science
7th Period: Math
After Periods: Homeroom (roughly ten minutes long)
After Class Dismissal: Cleaning
After Janitorial duties: Club

Before Periods: Homeroom
1st Period: Japanese
2nd Period: English
3rd Period: PE
4th Period: Psychiatrist meeting at the High School (neighboring the Jr. High)
After Returning to Jr. High: Sport

No School

Classes Sai Excels In
- Math
- Social Science
- English

Classes Sai Does Poorly In
- Japanese
- Science
- Cleaning (doesn't help out as much as he should)

What's yours is mine and what is mine is obviously . . . mine.